What Type of Window Frame Should You Get?

What type of window frame should you get when renovating?

There are different type of frames that you can install with your windows when renovating, all with different benefits for each different type of frames. We’ll go over some of the type of frames we have and their benefits as well. There is a renovation brickmould, extended brickmould, casement awning frame, and 1 1/2″ brickmould.

Renovation Brickmould

A renovation brickmould is a built into two pieces. This makes it a lot easier for installation when it comes time to renovate your windows. It also has a snap in cover strip that makes it look very clean and have an aesthetically pleasing finish. This is best used when you don’t want to mess with the exterior siding, stucco or brickwork.

Extended Brickmould

A extended brickmould is very similar for to the renovation brickmould. This option means that you have the chance to have a 4 1/2 frame. Basically extends more into the wall. This allows the thermopane to me 25% deeper inside the wall than the 3 1/4 frames. Because of this, this increases thermal performance, letting you save money and energy. Also complete with built in j channel for siding or stucco application. More energy and cost effiecient than the renovation brickmould.

Casement Awning Frame

A casement awning frame is a mixture between the regular renovation brickmould and an extended brickmould. Instead of going up to 4 1/2 deep into the wall, this only goes to 3 1/4 frame. So its more compact and as economical as the extended brickmould.

1 1/2″ Brickmould

Think of the 1 1/2 brickmould to be all of the other framing put together. This is by far the favourite when it comes to construction, gives it an added dimension for the window, easy to install, and optional built in j channel for siding or stucco application. Best of all the frames.

What type of window frame should you get when renovating, contact us to figure our which one suits you best.

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