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unique entrance doors with outstanding durability and energy efficiency.

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Entry doors

Versatile, durable and energy efficient.

Make a lasting impression and enhance the curb appeal of your home with our exceptional entry doors at JEH Windows and Doors. We pride ourselves on offering doors that are not just a gateway but a statement of versatility, durability, and energy efficiency.




Entry doors



Your peace of mind is our priority. Our steel entry doors are equipped with advanced security features, including reinforced locks and heavy-duty hinges. Rest easy knowing that your home is fortified against potential threats, allowing you to focus on what matters most.


Our steel entry doors come in a variety of designs and finishes, allowing you to choose a door that complements the architecture of your home. From classic to contemporary, our collection ensures that your entryway makes a lasting impression.


Beyond strength and style, our steel entry doors contribute to the energy efficiency of your home. Insulated cores help regulate indoor temperatures, keeping your home comfortable and reducing energy costs.


Crafted from high-quality steel, our entry doors are engineered to withstand the test of time. Whether it's harsh weather conditions or unwanted intruders, our steel doors offer unparalleled durability, ensuring the safety of your home and loved ones.


Make a statement that reflects your personal taste. Our steel entry doors offer customizable options, from decorative glass inserts to distinctive hardware, allowing you to create an entryway that is uniquely yours.


A classic with a new twist. The new Brixton door presents a happy blend of our Shaker inspired embossment with a traditional six panel configuration. An instant favourite!

10-year warranty on N600, N700 and N900 steel door.


Linea’s distinctive embossed features give it a post-industrial look. This model is specifically designed to integrate a doorlite or a pull bar making Linea the ideal solution for narrow entryways.

10-year warranty on N600, N700 and N900 steel door.


The Mundo door reveals its character through its nine simple horizontal lines.

10 years warranty on N600, N700 and N900 steel door.

The Orleans

A striking entrance. The Orleans door creates a sleek, elegant entrance that stands out.

10-year warranty on N600, N700 and N900 steel door.


The new Soho model is remarkable. With a four panel configuration that is very popular in today’s architecture, Soho is suited for Contemporary style as well as Natural.

10 years warranty on N600, N700 and N900 steel door.


Unique and audacious, Sydney’s three-panel configuration is a perfect match for today’s popular architectural styles.

10 years warranty on N600, N700 and N900 steel door.

Victoria Shaker

The new Victoria Shaker model is inspired by classic American architectural styles. With its new embossed profile, this striking door is sure to pass the test of time.

10-year warranty on N600, N700 and N900 steel door.

The Vog

Horizontal lines and angular embossed details provide a graceful and simple style. Dare to finish your door in an eye-catching colour that will give your home its very own signature look.

10 years warranty on N600, N700 and N900 steel door.

Create your door

Transform the facade of your home with the Entrance Builder. Create the door of your dreams in a few simple steps, see it from all angles, and see how well it fits with a photo of your home. You will find all the tools to make your entry project a success.

JEH Windows and Doors

proud retailer of
Novatech Doors

JEH Windows and Doors is a proud retailer of Novatech Doors.

The Novatech Group manufactures entrance doors, doorglass, patio doors, retractable screens and custom sealed glass.

Through our partnership with Novatech we’re able to offer high quality products designed to improve the your experience, with a range of architectural products for the residential market.

The Novatech Group’s development encompasses the pursuit of excellence, automation and innovation at all levels of the company.



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For obvious reasons, Spring, Summer and Fall are often the best time for window installations. 

Having your new windows and doors manufactured by a local company helps to support the local economy, is better for the environment, reduces emissions and ensures your windows arrive at your home without any damage.

Vinyl windows are made with plastic materials that are incredibly durable and very strong, they are resistant to water and heat damage and are perfect for Winnipeg’s harsh climate.

Just like everything else in your house, you want everything to last as long as possible. From small maintenance problems to big ones, no one wants to deal with them. They can be very costly and can take tons of time that no one has.

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