What Door Construction Materials?

What Types of Door Construction Materials are Available? 

Wood is not the only type of material you can use to build a door!. There are many different types of materials all of which have their own benefits.

Premium Polyurethane Foam Core

Compared to traditional wood, having a premium polyurethane foam core provides your door with better insulation. (Five times better than wood) Since it has better insulation properties, it’s great for Winnipeg’s extreme weather, as it keeps the moisture out.

Polyester- Primed Surface

Having a polyester- primed surface on your door makes it extremely easy to clean and easy to paint over to any colour you’d like.

Rigid Galvanized Steel Skin

A rigid galvanized steel skin provides the security of 24 gauge galvanized steel that is rust free!

Embossed & Flush Designs

There are a wide range of patterns available to you, with fully customizable and paintable surfaces and edges. Show more off your personality!

Solid Lock Block

Solid lock blocks make it really easy to install lock sets and dead bolts for your doors.

Folded Top & Bottom Edges

If you’re looking for a clean, crisp and fresh look, folded top and bottom edges are well suited to newer modern homes.

Engineered Stiles and Rails

Engineered Stiles & rails have an excellent thermal break with interlocking corners for stability. They also have interlocking steel skins to prevent stile & skin separation. A mix of security and efficiency at its finest.
Imagine having all these options available to you, paired with the replacing your windows, not only do you increase your sense of security and save money on energy, you get to choose the doors and windows you want!

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