4 Tips To Make Your Old Windows More Energy Efficient

4 Tips To Make Your Old Windows More Energy Efficient

When it comes to having energy efficiency, one of the options everyone thinks of, is to just replace their windows. The other option is just to try and fix your old windows to make them more energy efficient. If not all your windows are ready to be replaced, doing a little maintenance can make your windows more energy efficient. Not only will it save you money on energy bills, but it will give your windows longevity.

Use putty

Putty is a paste that hardens over time. It is commonly used to seal glass panes in wooden framed windows. When adding putty to your windows, make sure to clean the rabbet thoroughly first. Roll the putty into strips long and thick enough just fit in tightly. Add the windows back into the rabbet, and install glazing pins without scratching the glass. Once added to support the glass, add another strip of putty to cover the glazing pins and cut off any excess putty to make it look physically appealing. Paint putty to match your window pane.

Replace Beads

Another option would be to replace the beads. Replacing beads can make your windows more secure and weatherproof. Clean the rabbet about, and fill 1/3 of the way with window caulk. Nail each bead onto silicone, and use two glazing pins to secure each bead. Clean any excess silicone and add beads around the rest of the window.

Install Double-Glazed Windows

Double-glazed windows have two layers of glass, with some space in between. That space in between helps with insulation. Create some space and add another window, create a rabbet, use putty and create beads for this separate piece of glass.

Replace anything broken

This one is probably the simplest. Anything that is broken, can affect longevity and energy efficiency. Replace the small things rather than replacing the whole window.
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