Vinyl Windows Winnipeg


With so many options for windows & doors avaliable in Winnipeg, how do you know if vinyl windows are right for you?

Conventional windows traditionally made from wood have now been replaced with modern materials such as aluminum, steel and even vinyl.

What are Vinyl Windows and why are they better than conventional windows made of wood?

Vinyl windows are made with plastic materials that are incredibly durable and very strong, they are resistant to water and heat damage and are perfect for Winnipeg’s harsh climate.

Vinyl windows are quickly becoming the most popular option for window replacement in Winnipeg because;

  1. Vinyl is strong, durable and is not affected by water so does not rot or deteriorate like wood.
  2. Vinyl can be made to look like wood so the aesthetics can be maintained.
  3. Vinyl helps in environmental conservation and slow depletion of our forests.
  4. Vinyl windows are pre-molded and take less time to instal.
  5. All types of windows; casement windows, bay windows, awning windows, picture windows etc. can be made from vinyl.
  6. Vinyl windows are durable and need little maintenance.
  7. They are generally more affordable than traditional wooden windows.

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