Local Window Company or National Chain?
What are the benefits of replacing your windows?
March 24, 2017

Local Window Company or National Chain?

Having your new windows and doors manufactured by a local company helps to support the local economy, is better for the environment, reduces emissions and ensures your windows arrive at your home without any damage.

When ordering windows and doors from larger national companies, many of which have manufacturing plants in Toronto and the surrounding areas, your windows have to travel long distances to get here. When a window has to travel to get to your home, the possibility of damage occurring during transportation is enhanced greatly.

Using larger companies also means your windows and doors will be probably be mass produced and may not adhere to the same quality control measures a smaller local window company would provide.

When your Windows and Doors are manufactured locally, you can be sure they are built specifically for Manitoba’s harsh and unforgiving climate, and that it only has to travel across the city for installation in your home.

The other benefit in choosing local is the opportunity to visit a local showroom and even take a tour of the manufacturing plat to see exactly where your windows and doors are being built.

JEH Windows and Doors has been serving the local community for over 35 years. We use top quality window and door components and manufacture your windows in our own manufacturing plant in Winnipeg. When combining our high quality, locally built windows and doors with our highly trained staff of installers, it’s no wonder JEH Windows & Doors enjoys such an outstanding reputation in the Winnipeg marketplace.

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