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Windows Winnipeg

Windows Winnipeg

Did you know that the first glass windows were used in ancient Rome? Imagine; if people from that time could see how much windows have evolved since then, they'd be amazed! JEH Windows & Doors has a variety of modern window styles to suit your needs, lifestyle, and environment. We service both residential and commercial properties, and we can help you select some of the best window styles available today.

JEH Windows & Doors is an A to Z window company. We sell windows, we help people find the right windows, we install windows, and teach people how to use and care for their windows.

Casement Windows

If you're looking for windows in Winnipeg, a popular choice is casement windows. These kinds of windows attach to the frame on hinges along one side. These windows can open to the outside like a door, and they can be made to open to the right or to the left. You probably see these types of windows everywhere and dont even realize it. These are the kinds of windows that open outward with a crank handle.

Casement windows tend to be ideal for taller windows. Casement windows provide optimal ventilation. They open easily, and they are for practical when used in hard-to-reach locations, such as above the sink or above the bathtub.

Awning Windows

Many Winnipeg homeowners prefer awning windows. These are probably the easiest kind of windows to recognize. Unlike casement windows, awning windows swing open outwards on hinges from the top. Awning windows are ideal for providing significant ventilation while shielding the opening from heavy rain and leaves. Awning windows are very practical for smaller spaces that are wider than they are tall.

Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows are also very popular in Winnipeg office buildings and homes. These kinds of windows open by sliding the bottom sash up to control air movement. If your interior design is a bit taller and more narrow, then single-hung windows might be the best bet for you.

Double-Hung Windows

These kinds of windows are ideal for traditional-style homes. Double-hung windows can slide open from either the top or the bottom, depending on where you need air circulation. Double-hung windows are second-to-none in terms of natural ventilation. For example, you can lower the top sash to let warm air out of your home or raise the bottom sash to let cool air in.

Horizontal Slider Windows

These windows are excellent for ventilation. With a removable sash, you'll discover that horizontal slider windows are easy to clean. If your home is a contemporary-style home, then you might consider horizontal sliders.

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Windows Winnipeg
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Windows Winnipeg
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Windows Winnipeg

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