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Steel Doors Winnipeg

Steel Doors Winnipeg

Why do we use the term 'tough as steel' when comparing steel doors to wood, aluminum, and fiberglass doors? Steel is absolutely superior in terms of performance and longevity. If you are interested in steel doors in Winnipeg, JEH Windows & Doors can customize a steel door according to your needs and liking.

Are Steel Doors Better?

Independent testers have compared steel doors with standard wood, aluminum, and fiberglass entries. In a swing cycle test, steel doors withstood up to 10 million swings open and shut. However, wood doors failed before 1 million cycles! Further, steel is the only kind of door that offers a 3-hour fire-resistance rating. Many other industry-standard materials don't even last two hours! In this respect, steel doors are better.

Steel Doors in the Workplace

Today, business owners and managers are aware that both employee productivity and health are better with lower noise elements in the workplace. No other door even comes close to steel in terms of sound reduction! Many materials have been tested, but steel is superior. The benefits of steel doors don't stop here.

Are Steel Doors Safe?

Steel doors are the only kinds of doors to pass the FEA 361 tornado test, which makes steel doors the best for severe weather protection. There is no doubt that steel doors can take a lot of abuse that other kinds of doors can't. Assuming that steel doors are properly installed and maintained by the home or business owner, a steel door can easily last for 20 years+! You'd be hard-pressed to find another kind of door that can compare to steel doors. When it comes to long-term value, steel doors are in a class of their own.

How Often Do Steel Doors Need Replaced?

Most kinds of doors, such as wooden doors, for example, usually are better off being replaced than fixed once they begin to deteriorate. However, steel doors can usually be fixed and restored to their original state and integrity. This means that owners of steel doors get to save money on door replacements that other kinds of door owners don't.

How Do Steel Doors Like in a Home?

When you purchase steel doors in Winnipeg, consider buying them from JEH Windows & Doors. Why? Not only do we have excellent steel doors for sale, but we also install them for our clients. Comparatively, our steel doors are some of the most affordable in Canada, and JEH Windows & Doors is second-to-none when it comes to customization. Your steel doors can be made to look however you want them to.

Perhaps you want a sleek, clean stainless steel door appeal. Perhaps you want a vibrant color. Maybe you want a faux finish. Perhaps you would like your steel doors to appear wood grain. Maybe you want windows in your doors, sidelights, or other customizable features. Steel door versatility allows us to satisfy any requirements our clients have.

Steel Doors Winnipeg
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Steel Doors Winnipeg
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Steel Doors Winnipeg

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