What are the Benefits of Replacing your Windows?
What are the benefits of replacing your windows?
June 20, 2017

The Benefits of Replacing your Windows

Are there any benefits in replacing your windows? Of course there are! Many people have debated whether it’s worth the invest or something they should pass up when renovating their house. Here are a few reasons why you should replace your windows.

You save money on your energy cost

Most people don’t know this, but you can actually save money on your energy bills. The new windows would be energy star certified, meaning that they would be more energy efficient at either keeping the cold out and keeping the warm in or vice versa, than the older windows that you originally had. Depending on how old your home is and the type of windows you currently have, having a simple replacement can save up to 25% on your monthly energy bills. Not only that,  if you do qualify, Manitoba Hydro may help you finance it through them. Click here to read more to see if you qualify.

You can sell your house for more

Yes, you read that right! Replacing your current windows to energy star certified windows would bring more value to your house. Not only will they look better than your old windows, but they will help save more money for the new owners. Also, newer windows, means newer locks as well, making your house more secure and giving new owners a better sense of security. Newer windows provide UV protection, protecting families with protection from harmful UV rays and prolonging the life of the interior of your house. Also, since the windows are newer and have more secure locks than the old ones, they also reduce noise, providing a more comfortable feel for the family wanting to buy your home.

Contact us to get a free estimate on getting new windows so you too can also enjoy these benefits.

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